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Martes 19 de octubre
* ¡Felicitaciones asistentes! ¡Fue una gran clase!

Lunes 25 de octubre

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This is a three hour CE course for already licensed professionals.
Get your continuing education credits and brush up on your facialing fundamentals. 
In this course:
-Laws, Rules, Preparation
-Laws pertaining Esthetics practices in Texas
-Types of allowed Esthetics services in Texas 
-Esthetics Suppliers
-Where can you perform Esthetics (TDLR regulations)
-Cancer/Oncology patients
-Methods of application
-Machine Facials
-European and Traditional Facial Techniques
-Application Theory
*Live Demonstration Machine Facial
*Live Demonstration European Facial
-Safety and Sanitation Standards

This is a lot in three hours but its also fun.
There is also a surprise for those who do attend.
CE credits given for those only who attend the entire three hours.
Please see the terms and conditions section on the website for attendance and credits guidelines.
Students must bring proof of licensure in order to get credit with the state. No out of state credit is given.

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course details:

1 hour  law/rule

1 hour  sanitation

1 hour cosmetology related

course number  #25185.

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