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Spa Memberships are about already having that appointment waiting for you. That cup of tea or sparkling water with your name on it.

Your practioner waiting for you with your signature blend of essential oils already hand selected.

aaaaaah, that's right. Your spa membership. And here are your choices.

Spa Club Memberships

Monthly Memberships include the following:

Membership #1 includes includes one Swedish Massage and one Signature Facial ONLY

or two Swedish Massages or two Signature Facials ONLY and ONE UPGRADE PER MONTH.

(not one upgrade each service.)


Membership #2 includes includes two Swedish Massage and two Signature Facial ONLY

or four Swedish Massages or four Signature Facials ONLY and TWO UPGRADES PER MONTH.

(not one upgrade each service.)


*Spa Membership #3 includes ONE Swedish Massage or ONE Signature Facial Only. No Upgrades.


Coffee & Tea bar at each visit.


ONE ROLLOVER PER YEAR ONLY. We do not carry over unused services from previous months.


Upgrades include the following...

aromatherapy, reflexology, warm oil facial/or scalp massage.

For an additional $40 you may choose the NeveSkinFace

For an additional $55 you may choose to add on Hot Stone


*Upgrades are integraded into your service and do not necessarily add time to it. They are to enhance your service.


Can cancel or pause at any time.

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