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Own A MISSION Day Spa Franchise

"quality & education with a turn key experience"

Founded by licensed esthetic educators, MISSION Day Spa franchise model includes diverse revenue streams, including a variety of spa treatments, high-end retail products, and gift cards, and offers continuing education that sets you apart from the rest. 

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We have our own "Privately labelled products, MISSION Day Spa" With pharmaceutical tinted sunscreen spf 40,

to our own "signature scent" with a variety of products from bath bombs, soaps and candles that are sure to help your bottom line. We also carry robes, pj's, headbands and a variety of luxury retail items.

"Owning a MISSION Day Spa isn't just owning a spa, it's becoming a part of our family, culture and brand." Jesseca M Smith, founder & CEO.

You will have access to the brand's business systems and manuals, trade dress, and other resources and tools you'll need to operate a successful spa.

Our Story

Tell us a little about yourself...
Are you already working and/or established in the Spa/Wellness Industry?

Thank you. We will be in touch.

Marketing Materials & other trade secrets


When you own a MISSION Day Spa franchise, you become one of the family. You get access to all our trade secrets, intake forms and when we do marketing, you benefit. *Oh, and did you say you wanted to be a MEDICAL SPA???? We've got you. We have access to the right tools to guide you in the proper direction to take you to new heights to make your medical spa dreams come true!

Our Products

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Chosen for their effectiveness, and conscious efforts to treat and care for those with the most sensitve skin. The products we've chosen are unsurpassed, results driven, have steadfast loyalty and quick shipping.

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Initial Start-up costs...

"quality & education with a turn key experience"

What We Look for in a Franchisee

MISSION Day Spa franchise owners are business savvy professionals with a passion for wellness and a desire to help people improve their lives through self-care. They’re committed to providing guests with an unparalleled spa experience, and they ensure everyone on their team feels inspired to do the same. Here’s what else you’ll need to qualify.

Luxury or Medical SPA:

  • $500,000 Minimum Liquid Assets

  • $1,000,000 Minimum Net Worth

  • $1,438,800 - $2,061,400** Estimated Initial Investment



What it Takes to Own a MISSION Day Spa

Investment and Financial Requirements

As a franchise owner, you benefit from brand recognition, a proven model, franchise training, and so much more in exchange for an investment in your business. To help you understand what you’ll need to get started on a MISSION Day Spa franchise of your own, we’ve outlined the financial investment expected for your first spa location. While we don’t offer financing ourselves, we can provide you with guidance.

Financial Qualifications

  • $100,00 - 500,000 Minimum Liquid Assets

  • $500,000 - 1,000,000 Minimum Net Worth

  • $1,438,800 - $2,061,400** Estimated Initial Investment


Investment Cost

  • Type of Expenditure
    Minimum Investment
    Maximum Investment
    Initial Franchise Fee

  • MISSION Day Spa can be a stand alone single room esthetics spa that caters to high end, by appointment clientele whom also offers neurotoxins OR, a multi-room facility that offers the gamut of spa services incuding spa parties, massage, lash extensions and luxury facials like our flagship spa in Wimberley, TX. Whichever fits you, there is always a price. That's why there is an "X" by the budget item listed below. The buy in is still the same. To utilize our brand, social media connections, educational channels and propietary information including and not limited to employee manuals, training manuals, protocols, shcematics, layout, ready made intake forms with logo and design, access to coaching from our founder, Jesseca M Smith with 30 years experience in the industry, and the rest, the price is $55,000.

    Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment
    Computer Systems
    Additional IT Components and Labor
    Security Deposit and Rent
    Leasehold Improvements
    Business Licenses and Permits
    Space Planning and Architectural Fees
    Training Expenses
    Professional Services
    Grand Opening
    Initial Inventory
    Repairs and Maintenance*
    Additional Funds for Start-Up Phase*
    Development Fee (not included in the total)
    TOTAL (*3 month period)

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Available Markets...

"quality & education with a turn key experience"

Originating in the beautiful town of Wimberley, TX. MISSION Day Spa thrives in tourist meccas. Available markets may seem endless, but, our consultants are careful to be sure your location will meet the demand of a healthy,

and successful experience for all.

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